Pulmonary & Critical Care Fellowship Program
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Clinical Science and Epidemiology

Clinical Science and Epidemiology

The opportunities for pulmonary and critical care fellows to pursue investigation in clinical science and epidemiology are broad and deep. Capitalizing on each institutions strengths and the opportunities available within the wider Harvard University system including the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, fellows can pursue a wide range of topics ranging from epidemiologic studies of the determinants of pulmonary disease to participating in multi-center clinical trials, cost effectiveness analysis and healthcare delivery science. Most fellows pursuing clinical science and epidemiology research obtain formal training through the summer Program in Clinical Effectiveness at HSPH, and many go on to complete Masters degrees.


Critical Care Clinical Trials:

Katherine Berg

Michael Donnino

Ari Moskowitz
Taylor Thompson

Critical Care Big Data Analytics:
Leo Celi


Environmental and Occupational Health:
David Christiani
Peggy Lai

Mary Rice


Epidemiology of ARDS:
David Christiani
Elisabeth Riviello


Epidemiology of COPD/HIV:

Crystal North

Healthcare Delivery Science:
Jennifer Stevens

Bruce Landon

Clinical Modeling and Cost-effectiveness:

Anupam Jena

Josh Metlay
Krishna Reddy