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Jennifer P. Stevens, MD MS


Jennifer P. Stevens, MD MS

Director, Center for Healthcare Delivery Science

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Academic Interests

Dr. Stevens’s is a healthcare delivery scientist. Her most recent research has explored the opioid epidemic in ICUs across the country; the mortality benefit of inpatient physicians knowing their patients; the patient outcomes associated with specialty care; and new ways to identify when our ICUs are strained to the point of patient harm. She is the Director of the Center for Healthcare Delivery Science at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Awards and Recognition

Dr. Stevens is a member of the Committee on Quality Improvement and Implementation of the American Thoracic Society.


A full list of Dr. Stevens’s published work can be found on My Bibliography.

More information can be found on Dr. Stevens's Harvard Catalyst Profile.


+Current Projects

  • A multistakeholder examination of the drivers and value of inpatient consultation (K08, AHRQ)
  • Identifying risky clinical states to reduce preventable harms for hospitalized patients (Doris Duke Charitable Foundation)
  • Quantifying dyspnea in hospitalized patients and the associated patient outcomes
  • Creation of a patient-sensitive checklist to improve delivery of high quality care in the ICU

+Selected Publications

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