Pulmonary & Critical Care Fellowship Program
MGH BIDMC Harvard Medical School

Program Overview

Our program is designed to provide outstanding training in clinical medicine and an academic training plan for each fellow that is tailored to meet their career goals.

A Preview of 2019–2020

July 2019: Class of 2019 Welcome Reception

July–September 2019: Summer Learning Series

November 2019: F1 Fall Research Retreat

December 2019: Fellowship Grand Rounds (MGH)

December 2019: F2 Individual Training Plans Finalized

January 2020: DOM F1 Retreat

February 2020: Fellowship Grand Rounds (BIDMC)

April 2020: F1 Spring Research Retreat

May 2020: ATS Meeting, Harvard Alumni Reception

June 2020: Graduation

Year 1 Clinical Fellow (F1)

In the F1 year, our trainees rotate on pulmonary consults, physiology, interventional pulmonary and  in medical and non-medical intensive care units. Additionally, fellows have a weekly general pulmonary clinic, which continues through the third year. Fellows complete our Core Curriculum and are introduced to our Academic Pathways as well as potential mentors and projects.


Year 2 Clinical Fellow (F2)

The F2 year builds on the foundation of the F1 year, with a focus on increased autonomy in the ICU, exposure to lung transplantation and other pulmonary sub-specialties, airway training and selective rotations in non-medical intensive care units. Individualized academic training plans are finalized for each trainee.


Year 3 Research Fellow (F3)

Fellows have protected academic time to complete their training plans and career development sessions. Elective time is available for those interested in further sub-specialty training.


Year 4 Research Fellow (F4)

A fourth year of fellowship is optional and available to trainees pursuing training in basic, clinical or translational research on the Investigation Pathway. Trainees making substantial progress toward independent funding may be offered further protected time for research as junior faculty for an additional two years.

Current Fellows, Year 1


Rene Bermea, MD

Undergrad: University of Notre Dame (Biochemistry & Philosophy)

MD: University of Chicago

Residency: University of Chicago


Emmett Kistler, MD

Undergrad: Harvard College (Comparative Religion)

MD: Mount Sinai

Residency: MGH


Jonah Rubin, MD

Undergrad: Yeshiva University (Biology)

MD: Columbia University

Residency: Columbia University


Viral Shah, MD, PhD

Undergrad: Case Western Reserve University (Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology)

MD: University of Iowa, Carver College of Medicine

Residency: MGH


Miranda Theodore, MD

Undergrad: Tufts University

MD: University of Pennsylvania

Residency: MGH


Alison Trainor, MD

Undergrad: Providence College (Biochemistry)

MD: Jefferson Medical College

Residency: BIDMC

Current Fellows, Year 2


Daniel Okin, MD, PHD

Undergrad: Columbia University (Chemical Engineering)

MD: Yale University

Residency: MGH



Sahil Patel, MD

Undergrad: Duke University (Biomedical Engineering & Electrical Engineering)

MD: David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Residency: David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA


Tyler Peck, MD

Undergrad: Washington University in St. Louis (Biochemistry)

MD: Emory University

Residency: Emory University

Molly Wolf, MD

Undergrad: University of Michigan (Biology)

MD: University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester

Residency: MGH Medicine-Pediatrics


David Ziehr, MD

Undergrad: University of Wisconsin (Molecular Biology)

MD: Harvard Medical School

Residency: MGH


Current Fellows, Year 3-4


Raghu Chivukula, md, phd

Undergrad: Johns Hopkins (Neuroscience)
MD: Johns Hopkins
Residency: MGH

Academic Training: Investigation Pathway (Basic Research, Cell biology)


Rebecca Israel, MD

Undergrad: Barnard College (Biochemistry)

MD:University of Washington

Residency: Yale University

Academic Training: Investigation Pathway (Clinical Research, Palliative care and COPD)

Ryan Kindle, MD

Undergrad: Rensselaer (Computer Systems Engineering & Science)
MD: Georgetown University
Residency: Vanderbilt

Academic Training: Investigation Pathway (Biomedical Informatics)

Tristan Kooistra, MD

Undergrad: MIT (Biology)
MD: Harvard Medical School
Residency: BIDMC

Academic Training: Investigation Pathway (Basic Research, Immunology)


Megan Koster, MD, Pharmd

Undergrad: Northeastern University (PharmD)

MD: Harvard Medical School

Residency: MGH

Academic Training: Medical Education Pathway (Simulation)


Jason Maley, MD

Undergrad: Boston University (Biomedical Engineering)

MD:Tulane University

Residency: University of Pennsylvania

Academic Training: Investigation Pathway (Healthcare Delivery Science)


Jenna McNeill, MD

Undergrad: Duke University (Biological Anatomy & Anthropology)

MD:Duke University

Residency: MGH

Academic Training: Investigation Pathway (Clinical Research, Pulmonary Vascular Disease)


Camille Petri, MD

Undergrad: Boston College (Biology)

MD:University of Chicago

Residency: BIDMC

Academic Training: Medical Education Pathway (Interprofessional Education)


Robert Rogers, MD

Undergrad: Harvard University (Economics)
MD: Columbia
Residency: MGH

Academic Training: Investigation Pathway (Basic Research, Mitochondrial biology)


Christopher Worsham, MD

Undergrad: University of Michigan (Statistics)

MD:Dartmouth University

Residency: Boston University

Academic Training: Investigation Pathway (Health Care Policy)